Sound Choice and Cohesion

What factors into whether a sound feels like it belongs in a track?


Variable 1: It’s the mixing job. Hypothetically, a great mixing job helps every piece sound more cohesive, including any weird ones.

Example: Even the “FUCK!” in Deadmau5 – My Pet Coelacanth fits the mix. As a result, it sounds like it belongs.


Variable 2: It’s our expectations. You have some expectations about everything you like to listen to. Expectations are a crucial part of musical taste.

Example: The drop from Andrew Bayer’s “Nobody Told Me” sounded wrong to me the first time I heard it. Just flat out wrong. But I know it’s not the mixing job, because it’s Andrew Bayer. So it must be my expectations. Of course.


Variable 3: ?


Any suggestions for other variables?


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