A Box Containing Your Future

Life is one big unexplored expanse of potential.

We are all born again day after day, thousands of times over a lifetime. Like walking through foreign lands without a map, none of us really knows where we’re going to end up. We only know that some paths seem more likely to end up in a desirable situation than others.

Now let me ask you this.

If I knew I had a map to a more desirable destination, would you want to see it?

Even if I let you see it, would you decide it was better to follow my map instead of your own? I certainly don’t know my map is better than your map. I can’t see the future. Maybe your parents told you about a different route. Maybe you’re lost. But who knows which route is best?

Nobody knows for sure. Now here’s my real question:

If you knew that I could convince you to abandon your route and take mine instead, would you be okay with that?

Imagine a box in front of you. If you have enough imagination, anything you want can be inside of this box. And it’s completely up to you — all the power is yours once you open it. Except, it’s locked. The contents are stuck in your head until you have the key. And I know where you can find it.

Now do you want to see that map?


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