The Blessings of Self-Starting

In the past, people probably spent more time waiting for opportunities to come to them. Now with the Internet at our disposal, we can make opportunities come to us.

You don’t know all the benefits you’ll get out of making something until you’ve made it. It’s entirely possible for a project to turn out awful. But if it works, there’s a 0% chance you imagined every benefit you’ll get from it. We live in a complex world. At the very least you can put it on your resume. (Some ballsy people even put their catastrophes on their resume.)

There’s a lesson from the startup world: “If your product isn’t embarrassing at launch, you launched too late.” So don’t worry if whatever you try doesn’t work right away. You can always scrap your bad material. The important thing is to start and improve it as you go.

Podcasts. YouTube channels. Self-published books. Hand made wine racks.

If you’re reading this, chances are you have the tools at your disposal to make things happen. What those things are will be different for each reader. But you could, for instance, write a blog…


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