Overwatch Persuasion, Round 2

I just stumbled upon a great way to persuade teammates to work together in competitive Overwatch. I don’t know how to A/B test this, but if anyone tries it, let me know how it goes.

My goal here is to find some simple things you can say in chat to encourage teamwork. Anyone who has tried to encourage cooperation in a multiplayer game before knows how difficult this can be.

For some context, people become more likely to vote Republican after being asked if they consider themselves patriotic, or even after seeing an American flag. This is known as “associative priming” in psychology.

Subconsciously, a primer serves to activate parts of the brain closer to the parts involved in the desired behaviors. So if you can ask someone about a situation that reminds them of a time they were helpful, that would work too. The difficulty is trying to make it look natural.

Here’s the idea I had today:

Ask your team at the start of the game, “Is this quick match or competitive?”

Now there’s a chance for trolls to be trolls here and say “quick match”. At that point you’ve identified who is potentially a misfit (but not necessarily). Use your own judgment. But the flip side is that people who say “competitive” have just subconsciously committed themselves to playing more competitively.

Let me know if you try this.






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