A Story of Social Influence

For half a year now, I have avoided blogging about a certain topic.

My belief is that I could convince a certain demographic to learn a highly in-demand skill. It would be a guaranteed return on their investment of time. I have lots of reasons to try blogging about the topic and few holding me back. And yet I do not do it.

One problem I do have is a lack of information. How large is this demographic? Where do I find them and what is their experience of this? Will they be receptive to the idea? But that’s a bullshit reason and I know it. There’s some subconscious switch that needs to be flipped. Remember, I’ve been mulling this over since before summer started.

This brings us to last night when a friend of mine posted a plea for survey data on Facebook. Humans have a natural tendency to help their friends, so I shared the post and asked people to participate. I thought that was the end of the story. Nope.

As I was driving home today, a thought occurred to me. I know this demographic is out there. Why not make a small questionnaire and ask people myself, either online or in person? Great idea. It doesn’t need to be perfect from the start  — I can update the questions and redo them later if I need to.

By the time I reached my driveway, the idea was stored away for later. An hour passed by before I signed onto my Facebook and see… my friend’s survey.

It is common knowledge that people copy each other.

But how often do you spot it happening in real time?

p.s. Complete my friend’s survey because he is a great guy.



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