Producer Tools I Wish I Made

This is an idea I just had. Everything you read here came to me in less than ten seconds.

Imagine you are a music producer working on a track. Your spectrum of sound is getting pretty full for this one particular section of your arrangement, but there’s something missing… Ah ha. It needs a clap on the 2 and the 4. Cool beans, easy fix.

Except, a lot of producers will recognize that sometimes, it is not so easy. The process of finding a good clap sample isn’t always straightforward. If you have a lot of bass occupying the lower part of your spectrum, and <other stuff> occupying 1000 hz and upwards, you really want a clap that centres a bit lower. A lot of the really high-frequency filler ones won’t work. So off you go hunting through your clap samples.

What if it a program reduced some of that friction for you?

Suppose you have an interface where you can draw with your mouse what regions you’d like to focus on filling with sound via a clap sample. Or the program could receive instructions on where you want to add the clap sample and “listen” to your track.

Then the program searches through all of your clap samples (all of them) for the desired frequencies (via fourier transformation, probably done beforehand and stored in a database for a speedy search) and presents a list of suggestions. You could simply scroll through them like normal, or look at a spectral analysis showing what frequencies are filled up by the clap, and what isn’t.

Later on parts of this fictional code could be reused to teach computers how to make music.


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