Attention and Family

What you give your attention to seems important. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be paying attention to it. Seems simple, right?

In Dr. Robert Cialdini’s Pre-Suasion, we learn that drawing a person’s attention to something reliably causes them to believe it is important. Now watch this.

What would happen if someone voluntarily acted to help solve another person’s problem? Repeatedly. Especially for intrinsically motivated actions, feelings of caring and connection develop over time.

If you can get someone actively involved with solving a problem, in a way it becomes their problem too. They will eventually want to solve it too, even if only for your sake.

This knowledge has important social utility. To me, it is a sign pointing to one thing:

You should visit your family more often.

A large family with interconnected relationships is a strong family. Each member of the family provides experience, resources and relationships for other nodes to gain from. But none of this happens if you aren’t visiting!


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