The Only Book I Would Pay the Author to Keep Private

In October of 2017, persuaders of the world will receive a yuge gift. It is the only book I would pay an author to not release. It is greedy, but I would like to receive the sole copy, so that other people cannot skip the hard work I put into learning persuasion by reading one book. I want to keep my leg up on the world.

Thankfully, most people will not pay attention to it, and miss out.

I learned the name of the book today. Imagine the absurdity of being excited to learn the name of a book. I want to read it that badly.

My observation is that you probably know a lot about the knowledge in the book already, but you’ve never put it all together. It is definitely a “sum is greater than its parts” situation.

For instance, you know that it’s a good idea to smile if you want someone to like you. (But rarely do it.)

You know but do not consciously employ the understanding that how people feel about you is the strongest variable in how they perceive you.

You realize that people look down on those who accept favors and do not repay them. There are slang terms in every language for these people. But you don’t recognize the significance, and how to leverage this to your advantage in life.

And for me, a person who grew up with anxiety, it is the difference between being stressed by social situations and feeling in control. Would you like to feel more in control of social interactions?


I would give you an example, but for now it’s enough to know that I employ these skills every time I interact with another person. It’s not just sometimes. It’s every time.

Now are you starting to wonder what’s in that book?


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