Hypnotizing You To Feel Sunlight

Everyone imagines their own meanings in music. It happens in different situations and for different sounds for each person. But I promise 99% of us have a song or sound that activates our imaginations. It is part of the human condition.

I am eternally curious about what people imagine. But it is incredibly difficult to learn about. In the first place, it is a personal question: “What do you imagine when you listen to this?” And most people will not notice (or even activate) their own imagination at all. All the answers I’ve ever gotten have been incredibly brief.

Imagine the connection you could experience with another person by exchanging your inner thoughts and feelings as they enter your consciousness.

We might talk about these experiences with a close friend or lover. But you words are inadequate, and you can never fully share it. Your memories and experiences are forever your own. In a beautiful way, I find this is tragic. But it is still beautiful.

We all have friends and loved ones whose internal life we will never know. The laughter of your father’s childhood friend. The moment your friend noticed he had fallen in love with the rave. The time they spent imagining walking on the moon or directing a film. Those memories, thoughts and feelings are all there, bundled up in the neurones of our brains. But we can never fully share their stories.

Eventually, science and technology will progress to the point where we can temporarily transfer the consciousness-containing physical state of your brain to another person. You will literally adopt parts of their conscious experience. It might even cause your hearts to beat in unison (but for safety reasons, this would be avoided).

But that might be fifty years from now. Why wait?

I have complete confidence that you can come along for the ride here. In your imagination, you will be able to share similar internal experiences as others who read this blog. It’s not quite what I described above, but in a way, it’s pretty close.


Picture a shapeless heap of color dancing in your mind.

It shimmers and shines as the memories of intimate moments take form, then slip away.

Your most intense love.

You imagine what fulfillment of your life’s ambition will feel like. Look like.

It’s there.

Then it’s gone and locked away again. But you can always bring it back, if you have the right key.

You can see the art you could never quite make.

And the colors move to form a quiet walk through a forest, one that feels familiar, with your heart’s desire near by. And it is.

You know the place where you feel most at home, and it’s there now too.

You remember the people you felt most at home with, and they are with you.

But that all was memory and imagination. You’re done here.


Now you might want to tell me: What do you imagine in Lane 8’s Sunlight?


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