Promoters and Music Producers: 3 Easy Ways to Use Social Proof

I have a lot of friends who are either event promoters or DJs. I noticed they could all be using social proof in their Facebook marketing, even if it’s just for practice.

And I do encourage everyone to consider this practice. Social proof is a powerful tool when you learn to use it well.

While your yield on Facebook might be an extra ticket or Soundcloud follower each month, you’ll notice that it does make a difference. Then you can add one more tool to your toolbox.

But honestly, I find these tools fun more than anything else. They are useful too, but it’s enjoyable along the way.

Now what is social proof?

Social proof is essentially evidence that other people are already doing something. It applies to everything. Marketing uses images of crowds to promote events because it works, and it works because you can see hundreds of other people having fun there too.

Three simple applications for Facebook posts:

  1. Arrange to have your friends share, comment or like your posts. Facebook’s algorithms give popular content more visibility when they have more action. But seeing a positive comment from another person goes a long way.
  2. In the original text of the post, mention that you’ve already sold a lot of tickets or received great feedback on your music elsewhere. You have my permission to lie outright. (Everyone is doing it.)
  3. Publicly thank your friends when they buy from you. Bonus: Frame it as gratitude for their time or a “nice to see you!” comment.

There you go!

If you found this article helpful, you can pay me back by sharing it. 😉


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