People Are Complicated

People are complicated.

Unless you were borne recently, you surely have had the experience of thinking a friend did something for one reason, and finding out later that you were completely wrong.

You might have initially thought a friend or coworker was an idiot, only to realize later that their intelligence was hiding in plain sight.

Other people have done the same thing with you. They thought you were angry without good cause, only to come back later and agree. It turns out you really were justified in calling that person an asshole. Or maybe you’re both wrong. Whatever.

We agree that one human’s behaviour can be far too complex to understand based on our own first hand observations. Everyone reasonable person knows their assumptions are probably wrong, or incomplete at best.

Now that we have discussed one person’s behaviour, I have a question for you.

Of these two things, which have the more complicated set of behaviours: One person, or the office of the presidency?

I know in advance that you picked the second of the two. All reasonable people immediately agree that observations about the US government are incomplete, biased and missing information.

Our brains simply couldn’t hold all the information about the actions of hundreds of congressmen, senators, and White House staff and use it at once. Unless you are experiencing hubris, you understand that your limited experience as a human cannot encompass the actions of an office far away, removed from you in space, time and information.

With this in mind, please remind me how you know so much about President Trump.


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