Hidden Markets for Music, and How Culture Cyles

Today I observed Wolfgang Gartner and Mat Zo having similar problems with some fans.

It’s a common thing for a musician of any kind to have fans who liked their previous work more than their current stuff.

An artist’s style changes and evolves. It happens. They learn new skills, new habits, or simply like new sounds, and move on. It leaves some fans wishing for more of their old stuff.

And that gap is an opportunity for new producers.

An artist’s old style does not change. It is history, set in stone. That means you have ample time to craft a few tracks with a similar sound and release them, catering to that artist’s old fans.

You can think whatever you like about an artist who does this. I’m not even guaranteeing that it would work. I’m just saying, if you’re looking for an angle, here you go.

To dig a bit deeper, watch this.

Fans associate positive feelings with particular sounds. It literally changes the architecture of your brain, forming new associations between good feelings and a style of music.

That’s why old trance fans are still around bitching about how things aren’t as good as they used to be, and why new genres take time to grow from the underground. There’s some luck involved, so time is an important factor (compounding these chance occurrences of a new fan being born).

That may also be why culture appears to cycle.

The memories of positive experiences remain, even after the mainstream shifts somewhere new.

Then in ten or twenty years, after people have mostly forgotten about their old tastes, someone reignites them by combining something old with something new. It’s familiar, but different.

This thought will hopefully come back to me later in a more evolved form.


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