The Anjunabeats Remix Machine

Today I am going to highlight something about how Above & Beyond maintains their popularity. People have probably noticed this in the past, but not all of it.

First, they have their own label. It gives them the opportunity to give other artists success, and receive their support in return. This is obvious.

What is less obvious is that because Above & Beyond have produced quality tracks this whole time, and have a radio show, they have effectively become a central node for favors. It’s nothing that anybody is counting, but humans have a strong urge to reciprocate. When Above & Beyond plays your track, you want to play theirs in return. It’s much easier if the track is already good.

Let me say that again:

Above & Beyond keep themselves at the front of your mind by making sure they have lots of artists out there playing their tracks. They’ve been doing this for years and it works great.

What is less obvious is the benefits of writing remixable music.

Above & Beyond start by stacking their label with talent. They invite talented producers and DJs onto the label. A&B always has remixable vocals, which they then cycle through the producers on their label. Try counting how many times their tracks have been remixed, just by their own label’s members. It’s hard.

This means they have a fresh version of a familiar, pleasant song to play in front of fans. They do this over and over and it works every time because the producing is good. But the strategy of it is genius.


Your brain formed new associations the first time it heard an original Above & Beyond track. They were positive and probably made you a bit mushy inside. They played the track a few more times, and then when you saw another artist from their label, he played it, too. As he played it, he associated himself with those original positive associations, and strengthened them through repetition.

Here comes the remix.

Anjunabeats releases a remix of an original A&B track by another artist. Now ABGT plays the remix, they play the remix in their live show, and the remixer plays it in their live show. Both Above & Beyond and the remixer add emotional associations and strengthen old ones.

It’s genius.


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