Learn to Drink Scotch Neat

Today I am going to teach you to drink whiskey or any other colorful liquor neat and enjoy it. As I teach you the technique, you will understand a bit more about how consciousness is an illusion.

I learned this trick on the Internet years ago. It will be a vehicle for teaching you a greater lesson about your choice of foods. It might change your life if you apply it right.

Now, initially, the taste of neat scotch whiskey is fucking awful. It’s like getting kicked in the mouth. And yet I knew from spending time around career bartenders that some people genuinely enjoyed the taste. How could that be?

Some are pretending. But the ones who aren’t, what is different about them? Their brains.

In the beginning, touching scotch to my tongue made everything from my waist up move with disgust. How do you get around that? If you tried over and over for a week, all you would remember is this horrible sensation running through your mouth, and a burning in your throat.

You get around it by starting with 10 parts water for every part of alcohol you add to the cup.

I started with the amount you leave in the bottom of a shot glass after throwing it back. It should be so dilute that you no longer mind drinking it. That’s important. Then work your way up, a little bit more every few days, until you can tolerate a stronger sensation on your tongue.

When I was drinking about 2 parts water to 1 part scotch, I decided to try it straight. It worked! I liked it.

The lesson can be applied to food in similar ways. Take tomato for an example.

Tomatoes are a healthy food that some people consume raw. Unfortunately most people find them awful on their own — me included. But I could change that if I wanted to.

All I would have to do is take a food that I already enjoy, and eat it in combination with the tomato. It could be part of the same bite, as with a BLT sandwich. Or the tomato could be on my plate as a side, like I do with eggs in the morning.

It wouldn’t necessarily work the first time; I would experiment as I went, and change my approach if the method didn’t seem to be working. But slowly and steadily, I would increase my intake of tomatoes, until I found a way to eat them pretty much raw (salt and pepper is your friend).

You can also train yourself out of eating something. Whenever you get a craving for cookies, for instance, you can eat peanuts as a substitute or after the cookie. Note that they also have sugar, just not a lot. But you will slowly start to associate the “eat cookie” cue with eating peanuts. At that point, you simply stop buying cookies, and keep some peanuts around instead.

The interesting part for me is watching my desires change. Total fiction, just like everything else.

You think you couldn’t give up that cookie, but it’s easy if you do it right.


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