My Blog’s 2000% Growth with Gorilla Mindset

I recently installed the Cernovich writing module in my brain by reading his blog posts. If he ever gets amnesia, he can learn to write again by asking me what his previous posts were like. I remember far too many of them. His persuasive powers are that good.

Using the Gorilla Mindset, which Mike Cernovich taught me in his book, I am on track to grow the traffic of my own blog over 2,000% this year. It’s already happening.


See that line? From 3 views in August to over 50 views in March alone. The month is not done and I will have more. Other bloggers will be very jealous to find out that I have already reached 1700% growth in the past 7 months.

Because the past predicts the future, and trends never change, my 2000% growth rate will turn my blog into a 3,200,000,000 monthly pageview website within six years. (50 x 20 x 20 x 20 x 20 x 20 x 20 = 3.2 billion in six years.) This is the power of Gorilla Mindset.


I’m comin’ for you Mike!

Running a great blog is easy

Unlike the big name bloggers such as Deadmau5, who relies on coffee runs and a Ferrari to attract viewers, I run a one man show that has helped over ten people. (Deadmau5 and I get our coffee from the same company.)

Success here is easy. Viewers help me share my posts because I write about things that are important to them, like conversation skillswhy “I’m busy” is bullshit and about blind fact checkers in the fake news industry. People want to help their friends, which means my articles spread themselves. As a result, I have international readers.

Even reactions to my bad posts (which exist) help me because art is a creative process. You need to ruin a few statues before you can make David. Watching someone else screw up and be unphased by can be liberating for a viewer. Few understand this.

Many people underestimate helping others

Companies like Sony and Tesla have blogs, just like me. Everyone wants to have one. These companies fail to create or aggregate great content, which is the future, because they think of themselves first.

But few understand the power of using a blog to help other people. Using a blog, I can spread ideas which help you overcome challenges. A new frame on an old problem can make all the difference in the world. People remember it when you help them and want to reciprocate because reciprocity, a natural human urge. You have always known that humans naturally want to help other people, but you did not understand the ironclad nature of it until now.

Now that you have helping others in the front of your mind, you might find opportunities to help your friends in the next few days. I encourage you to try it even if you see no obvious benefit for yourself.


You can find Gorilla Mindset here on Amazon because you still aren’t sure if I’m serious or not.


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