How Fyre Festival Damaged the Brand of Small Festivals

Fyre Festival is a nightmare currently going down in the Bahamas. Tickets started at $1200 and went up to the thousands.

It was the company’s first attempt at a festival. They were ambitious and inexperienced, which turns out to be a bad combination in this case.

Anyone who reads more than a few articles here knows I see the mind as a network of associations. Rationality doesn’t factor in. You see something that reminds you of another thing that shares some of its qualities, and irrationally project other similarities onto it. This view is supported by science.

The festival turned out to be a disaster. There are images of people sitting around under tents in barren decomposing grass. Who knew the Bahamas could look like such a disaster? That’s a serious blow to people’s trust of new festival organizers.

From this point forward, you can expect to see people being more suspicious of new festivals, because it will remind them of the time Fyre Festival left hundreds of people stranded without food and security.

By the way, you can easily tell when a person was influenced by this festival disaster. Just look on Twitter for people laughing at future festivals, questioning what kind of quality it will offer. “Yo this gonna be Fyre Festival all over again smh”, etc. Look for it, you’ll see.


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