Antifa and Kittens

Today we will explore the relationship between Antifa and kittens.

For a year or more leading up to the election, Hillary Clinton’s campaign spread fear about President Trump being literally Hitler. That fear caused widespread delusions among the left when he won. But without any reality to reinforce the delusion, it has mostly faded now.

Except among Antifa.

When you repeatedly commit yourself to a belief, publicly, it becomes a part of your identity. Your ego needs to think of you as a person who is clever and rational. So when you tell people on Facebook and in your real life social circle over and over that Trump is Hitler, you are left with only two options after it turns out he isn’t: Realize that you are a confirmed idiot, or dig in even harder to your belief. Chances are the second one is accompanied by anger. And speaking of anger…

Antifa are protestors who hide their faces and use violence to scare off pro-Trump speakers and supporters. These people have largely remained in the delusion that Trump supporters are literally Nazis instead of free-speech loving patriots who want good things for their country. Instead of letting go of their fear of him being a dictator, they are digging in hard. In their minds, this justifies the use of violence.

In my mind, it justifies the use of humor.

Around the end of March we saw this video of President Trump pushing things out of his personal space surface on the Internet:

The video is humorous on its own. That alone is evidence of the Hitler delusion starting to fade (you can’t simultaneously be scared and laughing, it just doesn’t work). But then I saw some of the early 20-something women on my Facebook post an improved version…

As you can see, these women are laughing at an image of Trump depicted as a cat. So while Antifa are busy literally hiding their faces to avoid feeling stupid, there’s women on my Facebook who have downgraded Trump all the way from “dictator” to “cute”.

I don’t think I need to add much to this. Antifa is toast.


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