My iPhone Is Female: A Love Story

This is a story about how I associated my phone with a gender through a visual metaphor. It is a peek under the hood at how your mind processes information. It’s also completely absurd.

I was at my second Electric Daisy Carnival and I was really redacted. Like so redacted. It was a good night.

I had bought a portable battery for my phone the prior evening. If you don’t go to major festivals, you don’t know how much use a phone goes through trying to meet up with people. It’s exhausting for a phone’s battery. So I bought a portable charger to remedy the problem.

This particular charger would be useless for anything but a smartphone. It had a USB plug for an iPhone charger to connect to. Without a smart phone to give battery to, it would be a paperweight. 

As I stood there looking at my phone, appreciating the convenience of the battery pack, I realized it was like a couple. An exaggerated couple.

The battery pack was giving everything it had to support my phone. My phone was its sole reason to exist. So it hit me: the charger is male, and my phone must be female. Metaphorically. 

Yes, they’re both soulless couplings of plastic and metal. But with a little magic in the air, it


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