The GOP Shoots Itself in the Foot Without Coverage

A man once told me the best ideas would float to the top. I hope I write this well enough for it to get the message across. The GOP will understand why leaving preexisting conditions uncovered in a healthcare bill is bad for their party.

First, some background.

Democratic voters tend to be more empathetic than Republican voters. The science agrees with this statement. In my persuasion filter worldview, I see a bunch of people who reduce their empathy or amp it up to fit with their political identity. As a person who identifies with neither side, I can tell you every GOPer has empathy. Most of them love their parents. If you ask them, they love their country and it’s citizens. That’s the point of patriotism.

The Democrats always support having preexisting conditions covered by health insurance. They say “you can’t deny coverage because of a preexisting condition.” Thats to prevent the insurance companies from passing over everyone they know will be a bad bet. They don’t like that, and so they lobby to have that clause removed. Successfully, it looks like.

I am suspicious there is a better solution out there. I don’t know what it is yet. But in the meantime, we might be able to convince the GOP it’s in their best interests to support people with preexisting conditions. I’ll show you why.

When someone lacking medical insurance comes down with a condition, they are stuck with crippling debt to treat the problem. Most people would agree, that’s something you wouldn’t wish upon anybody.

Helping and empathy are linked. From the point where the doctor sits across his desk and looks at your family member, and gives the bad news, you and your family carry a weight on your shoulders. Somebody in your family needs help and you don’t know if you have enough of it to give. And I’d put money on not having enough to give throwing your empathy centre into overdrive.

The end result is that whether the person recovers or not, gets out of the debt or not, lives or not, that memory will be strongly tied to empathy. The people effected will tell their friends, and post on social media. They will share their story. As the story spreads, so will the empathy. It will literally reinforce the feeling in the minds of the public.

What do we know about how people vote? Again, Democrats tend to vote out of empathy for their fellow citizen. It makes sense that when you increase the collective empathy of the nation, we’re going to get more Democrats.

So the GOP has two options. They can change now and win. It will be difficult for their base at first, but over time, they will support preexisting condition coverage. In fact, I bet it happens pretty fast. No voter on either side wants to see a fellow American suffer unnecessarily.

But if they wait, they can feel like they’re winning now, and lose later. Hard.

The DNC on the other hand has two options to win: win now or win later. So long as they keep supporting people with preexisting conditions now, they’ll collect further support from people who are hurt by the new healthcare bill in the future. The cost is high, but the end result will be a healthcare bill that covers all Americans.

But I think we’d all prefer the change happen sooner rather than later.

Over time, I’ll try to refine this point. It needs work to resonate with Republican voters. Either way, the GOP might recognize they are going to lose voters over this. They can take all the money they want: it won’t change anything if something turns the public against them. Like this will. And that should scare them.


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