Memory, A Story of Symbols

In February of 2015 I decided I would have some fun imagining a logo for my music. This was before I realized metaphors could be skillfully hidden in visuals or language to communicate with your subconscious. So that’s not what I’m doing here. Instead I am testing the power of stories.

I was walking through a familiar nightclub brainstorming ideas. Because I knew some things about advertising, I realized I could pick an image that was pre-associated with certain things. As a member of the rave scene, I chose the image of an eyeball because people would laugh when the iris expanded a little too much.

I did not anticipate even slightly the journey I had started on.

In the days after I decided on the eye, my mind began growing other associations to present to me. They have mostly sunk back into my subconscious. I remember a few though. Light, lasers from stage design. Obvious. And it is a single eyeball, not two, so it didn’t take long to compare it to the sun. More than two years later, the possible meanings are still revealing themselves.

The religion of the ancient Greeks has fantastic tales. I borrowed a lot of the feelings internally. Suppose the eye is a visual representation of some (fictional) divinity’s watch over you. Or a metaphor for your memory of the past. That idea inspired the name, Memory.

In lieu of any visual artistic talent, it was painful having the images stuck in my head. Even worse, I found Beeple’s art after he did work for one of Zedd’s tours. I now had something to compare to.

It took me over a year to realize he might appreciate me using his freely posted work for this purpose, instead of maybe never hiring Beeple myself and letting the image, story, and metaphors die in my head. So here’s some of my favorite Beeple everydays.

I did tell you I like the ancient Greek religion.

Just on the other side of the iris.

As the sun.

Note that none of these are exactly what I saw in my head. Some Beeples are remarkably similar, however. That supports the completely for-fun hypothesis that all inspiration is actually from the same source.

And Memory isn’t the only one. There’s five others. I wonder if any readers can sense what they are.


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