The Empty Space in Dubstep

As a creative person, I look for what is not there. The negative space. The thing that could be, but isn’t.

In the past, Deadmau5 used this strategy to choose his sound.

Deadmau5 says in his masterclass videos that he noticed there was no one doing a sound like his in house music before he decided on what his sound would be. It was an empty space in music. He had the talent to recognize that if he went and made the Deadmau5 sound to fill the space, it would sell because the demand was there but unrecognized.

I’m about to tell you about one of those empty spaces.

A few months ago I went to an Excision tour with four or five supporting dubstep acts. From the moment the opener pressed play, it was hard in your face bass music. The show didn’t start with a slower, less energetic style. It didn’t start low energy and build up over the next few hours. Nope. They just slammed the reds and went to town.

I was bored. And so was everyone else in my group.

I imagine all of the DJs involved have enough talent to recognize that starting at crowd hype level 10 is a bad way to go. The energy needs to progress in some way, even if its only to another form of level 10 hype hype.

I know it is possible for a bass music lineup to handle this issue because I’ve heard the Bassrush Massive kill it with their lineup. I think it started with one genre of drum n bass, went to some dubstep, then to more drum n bass, then more dubstep. All that mattered is that the style changed.

Now here’s the empty space.

In a dubstep only lineup, the opening acts would love to start with lower energy music, but they can’t because… it doesn’t exist yet. Openers all know that just like any other set, whether its at a club or a festival, they don’t want to outpace the headliner. But when all dubstep has the same energy and sound, they have no options. So if someone were to make music that “fit” in that opening space, DJs and fans would be all over it.

Do note that this doesn’t mean the quality can be lower. It still has to be high quality. But if the energy is lower and the feel is different while still sounding like dubstep, it’ll work.

I’m not going to suggest what the music might sound like. While I have some ideas, that job is for someone else. I’m only here to point out the empty space where I see it.

I also might be wrong about this music not existing. I don’t listen to a lot of dubstep. So I invite anyone who knows of music that would fill this space to link it to me. But I bet it doesn’t exist, because if it did, bass music DJs would be playing it — at least for the warmup.